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Black Beat Dance

Liquid hips pouring into air
Black beat stomping
Fire into motion of dance
Her serpent agility
taking body through motions
One arm holding hair on her head
beads of sweat glisten in
purple strobe
Exposed curves rising
Wrapping themselves around my desire.

I could take you, serpent girl.
Plunge deep into you- to the unknown
drive you to a place where madness
and sanity are one
Where all that exists is me
My touch
You and your liquid hips...
Sweaty bodies dancing to a different
Back Beat.

I could make you cry little girl
Cry out till no is yes
and yes is no
Until no word has any meaning
Until words give way to only sound
And sound gives way to the distinct
arch of your back
rise and fall of your chest...
salty taste of bodies colliding
As you come into me
As you come with me
This is not forever, little girl.

This is our one dance
And when we emerge from each other-
When the black beat of fire has faded-
I'll disappear into the night
Taking with me only the taste of you on my lips
The smell of your sweat in my hair.
And leave you perfectly,
deliciously exhausted,
Swimming in a tired dazed visceral bliss...
Wondering the name of the stranger
Who taught you This black beat dance.

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