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No Words

No words now
Only the sliding of tongue along skin
Grip of teeth on flesh
Hands exploring lengths of unchartered bodies

No words now
Only the sparkling green depth of eyes
Speaking all of the desire that words cannot
Only the sound of breaths colliding in air
Of soft sighs, Of gentle moans
Only your body-
Every curve a trail for hands to wander
Every detail etching itself into mind

No words now
But in the gentle light of night
You are just a girl
Hard distant facade you present
Stripped of you with your clothing
Resting now haphazardly on the floor

No words now
Only two, naked, exposed-
Truths through motion of touch
Through fire, through kiss
Through my hands tracing softly along
The slope of your cheeks
Your eyes gazing into mine

Don't you know?
I might have never spoken again
Could that almost sacred moment have never ended,
Could I have never stopped seeing
the softness in your eyes-
Could your kiss have fed me forever.
Don't you know?
For that, I might have never spoken again.

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