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As the NyQuil makes my mind go hazy,
Thoughts of you float in and 
out of my half coherence.
I thought, perhaps, that my fuzzy 
consciousness could bring into clarity
The confusion that is you.
But to no avail.
You- the idea of you, the thought of you,
Every concept of you-
Lives as a mass of confusion
Somewhere between my mind and heart.

Ani sings softly in the background.
I listen from my cloud to see what
Advice she may have for me.
But Ani doesn't tell me how to read minds,
Or win hearts, or even get a date.
Ani doesn't tell me how to stop 
my heart from pounding when you are near, 
She doesn't tell me how not to care.
How not to be affected.
What Damn good are you tonight, Ani?