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WOW....Well, after several years, I am finally taking the time to update this site! Wanna know about me? Here are the basics..I am working on a page with a little more info... but here is the short of it. I am 23 and a Dyke...and happy about both of those things. I am absolutely in love with my girlfriend, whose ring I wear. And I am happy about that too. She is my complement in every way. I love dogs. Beyond any other living creature. Except my girlfriend...and sometimes I think she wonders about that too. Though, I am slowly and grudgingly learning to love a cat. But only one....and only because she is my girl's baby. Let's see, I have a good job. I live in California. And I am a generally happy person. So, that's enough about me for now... I am going to continue updating this page with new links and new resources and interests....

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I support the right of all Americans, gay or straight, to have marriage rights now!

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