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Homepages that belong to Friends of mine!

The Red Tides of Retribution Are Rising: This is my ex's page. A very interesting site.

Louisa's World: This page belongs to my friend Louisa. It's full of trivial facts, and lot's of stuff about her college, William and Mary.

Home of JacNBox: This is Jackie's page. It's just plain cool!

Laurel's Page: Laurel is still working on her page, but check it out to find out about life at UVA.

Howie's Supercool Homepage!: Check out all of the pictures of Matt and Howie and Chris and find out about their band!

Treet's Place: Courtney's Page...It's under construction, but there are some great links!

Notes to my Friends...

Courtney- I should be flogged with a wet noodle for neglect!

Vicky- I love my VOLVO!!!!!!!! Volvo posse rules!

Jessica- Mr. Cunt Eye says, "Poke me! Poke me!"

Janie- JAMAICA!!!!!

Laura- Laura likes BOOTY!!!! And Little People!

Richie- You are a FLAMING QUEER just like myself! How can the world not know this???? Oh...I reached a decision on my moral dilemma, too.

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