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Important Political Causes

This is all of the imporatant stuff. Some of it is funny, some of it is serious. Some of it will really piss you off. But take the time to check it out.



     Once there was a Disney Giant who ruled his World and Land,
        And millions came to see him for his kingdom it was grand.
         Our Giant had the Midas Touch, he used it far and wide;
      The millions bought his hats and shirts, and loved his wild rides.
        His creatures were a gentle sort - Simba, Tramp and Pooh;
         And pups with spots and Mr. Toad and rodent couples, too!
      His workers loved their Gentle King - he gave them equal rights!
        For all who wished to visit him, he kindly gave his "Days":
         To graduates and corporate folks and lesbians and gays. 

   One day into this happy land came those who knew "what's right!";
 They screamed, "We're Southern Baptists, and we're here to show the light!"
"Down with fags, and 'lezbos, too!", they shouted in their zeal;
"Cause WE know what they're UP to and the menace is quite real!"
 "They mess with kids!", the SB's screamed, "they teach 'em nasty stuff!"
     "They choose to live a life that's SICK, and we have had enough!"
      "We're here to boycott that old giant, we'll protest 'til he winces!
     We'll make him cast out all the "queens" and pedophilic Princes!" 

       They lurked about in castle beds, convinced of "foul" play;
     They even trashed poor Thumper's lair (while Thumper was away).
        They checked out all the castle spires, a phallic sign to see,
        (and filthy squiggles in the sand) to find what could not be!
         They scoured the jungle habitat of Pumbaa and Timor;
        Suspecting the unholy worst - 'twas friendship, and no more.
"WE'VE GOT TO FIND SOME SMUT!" they cried, "We dare not look the fools!"
    "For WHAT must all those dwarves have need so many tiny tools?" 

    The Disney Giant heard the noise, he saw the throng and sighed;
     He listened as they cast their hate and pamphlets far and wide.
       "Why do you loath these people so?" the Disney Giant said;
       "It's really how they live and love, not what they do in bed.
         Your boycott cannot hurt me so I'll pay you never mind;
     I LIKE my gays and stock is up, so KISS MY BIG BEHIND!!!" 

  To those who pound The Book and shriek, "You're 'lifestyle' is a SIN!"
      Perchance should take a second look at just what beats within......
      A heart that "feels" like yours and mine, no need the hate or fear;
          For Thumper's just a bunny, and Bambi's just a deer. 

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