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So...welcome to my world. I don't really know what to put on a web I will start by telling you about me. I am a sophomore at Randolph-Macon Woman's College. One of my favorite quotes is, "If you are not outraged, then you are not paying attention". There are so many causes for outrage in this world, and one of them is apathy. Many people say that they don't care, or don't have time to deal with activist causes. Well, that in and of itself outrages me. However, I will not bore you with all of the causes I support and my opinions on everything just yet.

First, I want to try to tell you about myself. I am a Philosophy major, but I want to go into physical therapy or occupational therapy. I live in a dorm and my roommate is my best friend (most people hate their roommates, but we get along wonderfully!) Hmmm...what else? I am a Student Athletic Trainer here at school, and I love working in the training room. Umm...that's really all for now...but check back later...I am sure to have something new on here in a matter of days!

My Photo Gallery- Here are pictures of me, my friends, and some of my family.

My Causes

Well, here are the causes I have feelings about...

1. Human Rights - I am an avid supporter of the Human Rights Campaign.

2. Feminism - I fall into the category of a "moderate" feminist. My roommate, however, is a very radical feminist.

Dominos Pizza - Why anyone pro-choice should not buy Dominos Pizza

3. Apathy - Nothing can function properly if no one cares about it. We are a self centered people who care primarily about ourselves and not the larger picture. Society could be a much better place if EVERYONE did their part to make a difference instead of expecting the bulk of the work to be done by a few of the peple.

4. Rape- I definitely have some ideas on how rapists should be punished. My favorite involves nailing the schlong of the rapist to a wall. Then you set the wall on fire and hand him a knife. He can either let it burn or chop it's up to him.

5. Legalization of Marijuana - Contrary to what the government has brainwashed us into believing, marijuana is not a dangerous drug. It has great value medicinally, and should be legalized for that purpose.

6. Holistic Medicine - Holistic medicine is not a new thing. If there is a natural or holistic equivalent to a medication I am recommended, I will definitely go for the natural. It is a lot less chemicals screwing around with my body, and I like it that way.

7. Boycott Nike - Why Nike is EVIL!

8. Boycott Shell Gasoline - Find out why Shell Gasoline is BAD!

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